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Thirty Grade 8 students sitting on rocks outside

Our teaching and non-teaching staff are here to help. To reach a member of our team call 905-426-7065.

Name Grade/Position Phone Extension
Mr. Neil Boland Principal 52150
Ms. L. McCall Administrative Assistant 52150
Ms. T.Gulrajani and Ms. F. Gomes Kindergarten 42105/40812
Ms. L. Casimiri Kindergarten 41041
Ms.K. Dela Cruz Kindergarten 42119
Ms. K. Howlett Grade 1/2 40797
Ms. J. Bambao Grade 1/2 42273
Ms. S. Doll Grade 2/3 42295
Ms. B. Auger Grade 3 40800
Ms. S. Woods Grade 3/4  
Ms. C. Walker Grade 4/5 40193
Ms. Plamondon-Long (am) Grade 5 52158
Ms. L. Maroy(pm) Grade 5 40841
Ms. T. Archer Grade 6 40817
Ms. S. Seeney Grade 7 40809
Ms. L. Xavier Grade 7/8 40798
Mr. S. Brown Grade 8 40802
Ms. L. Plamondon-Long Library 52158
Ms. E. Cartmill French  
Ms. A. Cote French  
Ms. S. Anderson Program Support 52157
Ms.M.J. Titan, Ms. S. Henriques Curriculum Coverage Teacher 40804/
Ms.J. Doyle Educational Assistants 40799
Ms.J. McGuire Educational Assistants 42189
Ms.P. Iturralde Educational Assistants 40793
Ms.K. Beaulieu Educational Assistants  
Ms.S. DosSantos Educational Assistants  
Ms.B. Farrugia Educational Assistants  
Ms. J. Lockhart Educational Assistants  
Mr. A. Sortino Custodian 52160
Mr. J. Vasques Custodian  

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